Drink lid for Ecozen® cup


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The drink lid is easy for parents, but difficult for children, to mount on the Ecozen® cup and it makes it easy for babies to drink without spilling. Add drink lid and cup handle to the personal Ecozen® cup and enable the child to “Grow with your cup”.
Step 1: cup, drink lid and cup handle.
Step 2: cup and cup handle.
Step 3: just the cup.
The three pieces are perfect as a personal gift.

Fits the personal Ecozen® cup and its compatible with the discontinued personal melamin cup.

Size and dimension

7.5 x 7.5 x 4.6 cm.


PP plastic with silicone ring, BPA free. Fits the new personal Ecozen® cup, the prior line of personal melamine cup, the Tool School melamine cup and the Number melamine cup.